Croydon Cardiac Support Group
Croydon Cardiac Support Group
Come and have a heart to heart with us… Croydon Cardiac Support Group News
Here is the latest news from the Croydon Cardiac Heart Support Group. We have plans to have more fund raising events soon. Please look out for details.

A big thank you to Waitrose A big thank you to Waitrose
Each month Waitrose make a donation to three good causes. In June, Waitrose Ltd made a donation to the Croydon Cardiac Support Group amounting to £342.
Table top sale a great success Table top sale a great success
Table top sale a great success
We had a very successful table top sale in August making £285. Thank you to everyone that donated items to our sale. The funds will go towards purchasing an item for the cardiac wards in Croydon University Hospital.
Table top sale a great success Table top sale a great success
Awards for Croydon Cardiac Support Group Members
Our committee member Sajida Rashid was voted volunteer of the year at Croydon University Hospital. Another of our committee members Trevor Olliver received his five year certificate as an volunteer at Croydon University Hospital.
Croydon Cardiac Support Group Fundraising SuccessCroydon Cardiac Support Group Fundraising Success
Croydon Cardiac Support Group has purchased 2 wheelchairs and a blood pressure monitor for the Duppas Wards at Croydon University Hospital to a total cost of £1610.

We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation

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