Croydon Cardiac Support Group

Meetings Of The Croydon Cardiac Support Group

When are the Meetings held?
Meetings of the Croydon Cardiac Support Group are held between 7:30pm and 9:00pm as listed below.

Where are the Meetings Held?
Meetings of the Croydon Cardiac Support Group are held in Room “A” First Floor Post Graduate Medical Centre, Woodcroft Wing (Yellow Zone), Croydon University Hospital on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

Who are the Meetings for?
Meetings of the Croydon Cardiac Support Group are for Patients, Partners and Friends, who are all welcome to attend.

List of Meetings 2016

8th March   Leone Bygraves, Outpatients Manager

13th April   Nurse Amanda Rose and Nurse Rumina Killeen, Cardiology Department

11th May   Dr Asif Qasim, MA, PHD, MRCP, Cardiology

8th June   Martin Bullock, London Ambulance Defibrilator Expert

13th July   Helen Carter, Diabetic Specialist Nurse

10th August   John McGlone, Stroke Awareness Association

14th September   Paul and Steven, Cardiac Physiologists

12th October   To be announced

9th November   Dr William Jasper, GP, Farley Medical Practice

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Croydon University Hospital
530 London Road

Directions from the London Road Entrance: On entering, keep to your left passing the newsagents, dress shop and toilets, all on your left. You will come then into the London Wing corridor. Turn left keep going until the end when you will see a set of automatic doors, pass through these and you will notice above you a covered bridge. Walk under this and it takes you into the Woodcroft Wing corridor. Turn left, carry on passing the Woodcroft Main Entrance. Shortly after this, you will find a lift on your right. Take this to the first floor (or you can use the stairs by going through the doors to the right of the lift). On arriving on the first floor there will be signs showing you which lecture room we are in.


Contact Us

Bill O'Doherty - 020 8860 3459

PR Officer & CCU Visitor:
Glen Urquhart - 020 8466 1196

CCU Visitor:
Trevor Olliver - 020 8688 7648

Committee Member:

Wiktor Molleskog - 01689 843404

Committee Member:
Derek Bigglestone - 020 8657 6982