Croydon Cardiac Support Group
Croydon Cardiac Support Group
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Our address is: Croydon University Hospital 530 London Road, Croydon CR7 7YE, UK

Our Location
The CCSG meetings takes place in the Post Graduate medical Centre.

If you are entering from the London Road entrance:
On entering, keep left pass the M&S, dress shop and toilets, until you come to a corridor. Turn left and carry on down the corridor until you come to a set of automatic doors. Pass through these doors and walk under the bridge to the opposite building.

On entering the building (Woodcroft Wing) turn left. Carry on down this corridor following signs for the PGMC.

If you enter from the Woodcroft Wing entrance:
On entering the main Woodcroft wing entrance you need to turn right and walk down the corridor following signs for the PGMC.

The PGMC is on the right hand side. There is a lift which you can take to the first floor. On exiting the lift please follow CCSG signs, the door to the PGMC is along side the lift exit. If you prefer the stairs there are stairs once you go through the doors next to the lift. You need to look to the left after entering in the first set of the doors to see the door to the stairs as the door opposite leads to a clinic.

We are affiliated to the British Heart Foundation

Bill O'Doherty, Chairman  Telephone 07950 410768  Email

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